1. Just checking in

    Hey guys, I hope you all have had a good time readjusting to the effects of COVID. During this crisis, I try to see the good from it. Although the world seems to be going crazy with the election and Covid I am grateful to spend time with my family. This crisis really shows you what is truly important. I hope you guys have been doing well too.

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  2. Y'all Surviving?

    Hey y'all, Hope everyone is surviving the COVID Crisis. We're on spring break this week, so trying to find stuff for my 8 and 6 year old's has been trying. We've been on bike rides, walks, more bike rides, lots of trampoline time and waaaaay too much TV. I saw the pic below on the twitter the other day and wanted to share. Who else thought it was a scene from the Walking Dead? I sure did. NOPE. Downtown LA. Incredible. If you've been to LA, you know traffic can be a nightmare. Doesn't matter if what time of day, bumper to bumper traffic can pop up. So what can we take away from this? Here's my 3 thoughts: 1) Cherish your time with your family. In the blink of an eye, things WILL return to normal. Work and all its glory will consume your life again, weekends will be slammed with activity and the stresses of everyday life will bear its weight on you and your family. I've noticed how

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  3. Resource Safety VLOG Episode 1


    Safety Glasses.  Obviously everyone knows they protect your eyes, but who really knows how well they really work? 

    At, we thought we'd test out some of our more poular models to see if they would hold up against a shot from a 12 gauge shotgun.

    Big thanks to Global Glove and Bullhead Safety for samples. We had some fun with this one!  

    Check out our video below!

    Resource Safety VLOG Episode 1

    You can find all of the products here -

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  4. Plan for Success - Engaged Workforce Tips

    A productive workforce is an engaged workforce. Here are 3 tips for your organization to create more powerful employee engagement:
    1. Clarify what is expected of your employees. Your team members need to know what is expected of them by the company. Usually they get a job description when they start, but that's not enough for them to clearly understand what they need to do. Clear expectations set standards meaning there will be no misunderstandings and that everyone is striving towards the same goal. If only verbal instructions are provided, then putting things in writing will be a valuable step towards avoid confusion.
    2. Provide internal career opportunities. Nobody wants to feel trapped in a dead end job. If you consider current
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  5. What Customers Most Want

    Yearly, billions and billions of dollars are spent to convince customers to purchase things – from clothes to toys to insurance policies to private jets and more – and the focus is on seeing the best way of reaching people. Do our customers appreciate utility or fun more? Can we market luxury to them or are they more cost-conscious? What is their life like and how old are they? It is alarming to find out that a variety of strategies can be utilized to convince people to partner or buy with you.
    So allow me to save you some time. Customers are looking for one very specific thing more than anything else, something everyone wants in fact, and that is meaning. In order for people to build their dream lives the look for meaning in eve
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  6. Your Customers Have CMS

    First Scenario:

    A client called with a dispute with one of the company's customers. The contract's signee was substituted by other people a few months into the project. Neither the person nor my client wrote down the decisions made by this person. Now the new team questions the work and price, which becomes a major headache.
    If it’s not written, it didn’t happen.

    Second Scenario:

    When a customer calls to ask about your system's not working a month after your mechanic was out there, how often have your technicians said "I informed Mrs. Customers about it?"
    The question you should retort with is, "Did you write it down?"
    If they said no then it didn't hap
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  7. Are You Scared About Losing an Employee?

    The employees of Company #1 really liked the owner. His employees should like him. Employees were unable to control how much they did and how much time they spent. Nobody reviewed time cards or what the employees actually did. The manager was concerned that his workers would leave and he couldn't replace them. As such employees "didn't have rules to follow" since there were no repercussions.

    The company owned the owner. He worked very long hours, had trouble with the flow of money and was heavily stressed! He never took the time to examine and know the numbers of his financial statements. He struggled and never appeared to be able to push ahead.

    The employees of Company #2 also really liked the owner. The business is "a great place to work" according to his staff,

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  8. Are You a Leader? Here Are 4 Expectations Your Team Has for You.

    Leaders help build strong, cohesive teams that enable organizations to reach their goals. Part of being a strong leader is knowing what your team members expect from you. You become a better leader by knowing their desires and inspiring them to become an even stronger team that can accomplish anything.
    Here are 4 important expectations your team has for you as a leader:

    Fallibility and Humility

    Top leaders recognize vulnerabilities, but rely on their strengths. Understanding and admitting your not infallible makes your character look stronger and helps you earn the respect of others you work with because it demonstrates modesty.  Admitting your inabilities is only a sign
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  9. How to Bear Bad News

    Sharing bad news with a customer is never fun. Most people are afraid of having bad news. There are numerous types of bad news, for example an order didn't ship, a deadline will be missed, something was damaged, etc. It really doesn't matter what the bad news is, how you handle the bad news is the secret to managing the customer experience. Which takes me to Dollar Shave Club, which had to share the information that its rates were rising.
    Although the price hike wasn't very much – just a dollar a month – the news still had to be shared with their clients. How they did it was a perfect lesson on how to share negative news, ideally without upsetting the client.
    They sent a letter to their members. The fir
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